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Task 1. Complete each sentence with one of the words below

“Free, student, compulsory, lines, suspension, solve, Mathematics, education (2), school”.

If all children must go to school to get secondary 1) means that secondary education is 2).... In Russia, Britain, and Australia and in most developed countries secondary education is compulsory. A 3)... is a person getting education either at 4)... or University. Process of getting knowledge we call 5).... It can be secondary or higher, paid or 6).... A task to write some sentence many times is 7)..., it used as a kind of punishment. 8) ... is a kind of punishment, when a student is not allowed to come to school for a few days or weeks. A school subject, when students must count, 9)... problems and do difficult tasks is 10)...
Task 2. Choose the correct answer

1. How many students (learn/ study) English in your class?

2. Must I (learn/ study) this rule? Yes, you must.

3. She is a (quite/ quiet) girl.

4. I am (quite/ quiet) ready. We can go.

5. I have eaten three cakes but I’m still hungry. Can I take the forth (one/ ones)?

Task 3. Write another sentence with the same meaning using the Passive Voice

1. A. Pushkin wrote many poems and tales for children.

2. We will paint the wall with a brush.

3. Students use dictionaries at the English lessons.

Task 4. Complete the sentences, translate them into Russian

1. If the school were far from my house, I (go) there by bus.

2. If I (live) in India, I would ride an elephant.

3. If we won the competition, we (get) a prize.

Task 5. Choose the correct pronoun

1. My teacher wants (I/ me/ mine) to do my homework well.

2. This is my book and that is (you/ your/ yours).

3. He would like (they/ their/ them) to win the competition.

Task 7. Complete the sentences. Choose the correct answer.

1. Steve runs (good/ well).

2. The stadium was (near/ nearly) full.

3. Do you think (high/ highly) of sport?

4. Has she worked hard (late/ lately)?

5. I like exotic food more than (usual/ usually) one.

Task 10. Translate the following words and expressions into Russian:

1. means of communication 2. screen

3. winner 4. chance in a million

5. be in luck 6. miss one’s chance

7. mouse pad 8. waste of time

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