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2 Read and put the parts in order.

A) The next day the girls were wearing jeans. They climbed the tree and went into the house. There

were no people in the house. They found their ball under a bed. But next to the ball there was a gold


B) The girls went to the police and gave them the gold bar. They told them about the house. The

police took the bad men. They gave the girls a special prize. It was a collection of interesting books.

C) One day Ema and her friend were playing with a ball in the yard and the ball went into a man’s

house. The girls went to the man and asked him to give them the ball. He said “No”. The girls did not

know what to do.

D) The girls took the ball and the gold bar and climbed up the tree again. When they went home they

heard the news on TV. They said that 20 gold bars were taken from the bank.

E) Suddenly, Ema had an idea. “There’s a tree behind this house”, she said. “We can climb the tree

and jump over the wall.” But the girls could not climb because they were wearing skirts. They

decided to come back later.

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