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Task 2.Write an essay about advantages and disadvantages of travelling.
write 55-65 words
use 5-6 active vocabulary
use comparative and superlative adjectives
use prepositions by/on/in 7 points

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    One of the most popular ways to work out is to go to gym every day. While the benefits (можно сказать advantages) of going to gym are well-known, their drawbacks ( или disadvantages) are little known.

    the benefits are:excercising at gym helps your body prevent any body and supports your muscles and joints, it also reduces stress and encourages your social life.

    what about the drawbacks (disadvantages)? well, you can damage your heart by going to gym, because when you do excercises, you put a lot of pressure on the heart, which is not very good. your body suffers from injuries. and once you have become a regular gym goer, then suddenly, you stop, you are very likely to experience such symptoms as discomfort, tension, anxiety, guilt, depression, loss of appetite, sleeplessness and headaches.

    In conclusion, every coin has two sides; going to gym is no exception since it has both advantages and disadvantages


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